Hellcase promo codes 2021

Hellcase is the leading CS:GO case opening site which let you earn coin skin and money.By using hellcase promo codes you can avail exclusive offers and discounts on hellcase.

hellcase promo codes

Hellcase.com was started couple of year ago with the mission to provide best online destination to open your counter strike Go case with fun. Best part is that,  you can add as low as $1.00 balance to start using their great services.

Is Hellcase legit?

Hellcase is a legit and trustworthy case opening resource that provides more than 9 million users with great opportunities to get nice items and make profit.

Do you need the best or new CS:GO skin? Open cases on Hellcase and get all skins to your Steam now

Promo codes

HELLUEBHead up and enter the code to get Free items. Valid for 30 items only.
8762816Use this exclusive code and get up to $0.70 credit for FREE. Apply at the time of signup and enjoy free credits.
HELLTW100 Receive up to $1.00 worth of digital items for FREE. No need to spend anything. Valid for new users only.
FREEBIE It is totally new voucher code that is valid for existing users too. Redeem it at your Hellcase account for free case redemption. Some exclusion might be applied.
naviguardian OMG! Signup for the new account and enjoy up to $30 worth of case and skin for FREE. make sure to apply the discount coupon at the time of registration.
HELLFB50  It is limited edition promotional code that you can use to receive FREE Milspec cases. Don’t worry, If you missed it. You can follow their steam page for more such offers.
hellcase promo codes march 2021
Some cool items on hellcase
hellcase promo codes
hellcase promo codes 2021


What are partner promocode restrictions?

Your partnership promocodes should contain 3 to 10 symbols (latin letters, numbers) with at least one letter in it. It also shouldn’t contain unallowed words: “admin”, “mod”, “moderator” and any filthy language.

What are Skin Shards?

You have a chance of getting Skin Shard bonus drop from each case you’re opening. Collect 4 shards of the same skin and combine them to receive that skin.

What are Farm cases?

Farm cases are cases designed for a large amount of openings. For each opening you either receive a cheap skin or a rare and expensive one. To use it select the amount of cases to open on the top (you are able to open 25, 50, 100 or 150 cases at once) and click “Open” or press Enter. Cheap skins are sold automatically (total cost is returned to your balance), rare skins could be sold, upgraded or withdrawn.

How much does the Premium subscription cost?

Premium subscription costs $5, $10 or $25 depending on the premium plan and is billed monthly.

How do %s interval giveaways work?

Interval giveaways have their own timer (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week), users having Premium status subscription join those giveaways automatically. One winner is determined randomly when the countdown ends.

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